Hebei Bo Star BXD-01 series replacement screens are using for MI-Swaco MONGOOSE/MEERKAT Shale Shakers, MONGOOSE units have 4 pre-tensioned screens per shaker basket and the MEERKAT units have 3 pre-tensioned screens per shaker basket.
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  • Adaptable Shale Shaker Model
  • Advantage
  • SWACO MEERKAT PT dual-motion shale shaker.
1.High strength plastic frame and moderate tension screen cloth that form a reliable whole, so it greatly enhance the tolerable flow.

2.The screen is divided into several independent small cloths to pervent excessive expansion of local damage. At the same time, with a special rubber plug to repair the damage,it can save the use time and reduce the use cost.

3.Rapid wedge tensioning devices make the installation of the composite frame screen more convenient, and save the time of changing the screen by stop the machine.

4.Excellent polyurethane material of the frame enhance the corrosion resistance of the composite frame screen greatly. It have a good stock absorption and extend the working life of the composite frame screen.
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