Piston assembly is one of the main parts of the hydraulic end system of mud pump and one of the vulnerable parts in drilling. The discharge pressure of mud pump is generated by reciprocating linear movement of piston assembly in piston. The piston assembly is composed of piston core, rubber sheet, clamp spring, pressure plate, etc. The material of piston core is 42CrMo, and the material of piston rubber is NBR or PU or rubber. It has excellent oil resistance and wear resistance.
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Normal Size:φ180,φ170,φ160,φ150,φ140,φ130,φ120,φ110。

Popular Size:
1> Russian pump : UNBT 950, UNB 600, 8T650, UNBT 1180L, NBT 600, NBT 300 etc.
2> BOMCO/Emsco/HongHua: FB1300/1600, F1300/1600, F800/1000, F500 & some duplex pumps.
3> Gardener denver: PZ 7, PZ 8/9, PZ 10/11, FK-FXK, FY-FXD, FD-FXX, FG-FXG, FQ-FXQ, FF-FXP, FG-GXG.
4> National :7P50, 8P80, 9P100, 10P130, 12P160, 14P220, JWS 165, JWS 340/400, C 250/350, K 700, K500, K380.
5> Oilwell : A 560/600 PT, A 850/1100 PT, A 1400/1700 PT, 214P, 810P.
6> Ideco: T 500, T 800/1000, T 1300/1600.
7> Wirth: TPK 1000, TPK 1600, TPK 2000/2200.
8> Weatherford: MP-5, MP-8, MP-10, MP-13, MP-16.

Other size can be produced as customers’ requirement.
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