Evaluation Report - 2018, GWDC
Jan 15, 2020
The Using Effect Evaluation Of Shaker Screen Recommended report Our company has used the vibrating screen produced b...
BXD-01MG Screen - 2017, China
Jan 15, 2020
In the drilling operation of Xinggu 7-8-36 well in the 70131 team of Liaohe area, our unit has a drilling depth of 4770 meters, and its litholo...
BXC-04-2V300 Screen - 2019, India
Jan 15, 2020
A client from India asked samples for trial, and he said if our screens are really good quality, he will give the order, after this trial, we w...
BXD-01MG Screen - 2018, Iraq
Jan 15, 2020
In the year of 2018, our client compared our screens (BXD-01MG Screen equal to Swaco Mongoose Screen) with original screens in their rig, it sh...
BXC-10-600 Screen - 2019, Norway
Jan 15, 2020
In the year of 2019, our Norway client trialed our BXC-10-600 Screen (Shaker Model: SWACO BEM 650), it found out that our screen used longer th...
BXA-02-500 Screens - 2016, Russia
Jan 15, 2020
In the year of 2016, our Russia client made a using report for us, it shows our screen’s quality exceeds the normal screen. ...
BXB-03-HY Screens - 2018, Oman
Jan 14, 2020
In the year of 2018, we visit Oman clients, and they decide to try our screens, then client collect some different factories screens for trial,...
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