In the drilling operation of Xinggu 7-8-36 well in the 70131 team of Liaohe area, our unit has a drilling depth of 4770 meters, and its lithology is sandstone. The mud displacement of the shale shaker equipment is 33-50L/S, the composition of the drilling fluid is polymer organosilicon which density is 1.30g/cm3 and viscosity is 50S. We used the shaker screen with size 1165*585*40 API 200 from Hebei Bo Star Petrochemical Equipment Co.,Ltd in that situation, it has been installed and used since May 23, 2017, with a depth of 2100 meters, and partial destruction of screen surface in June 21, 2017, other parts was in good condition without any damage.

According to statistical, the screen working time: 408 hours.

The shale shaker of this well used the composite frame shaker screen of Hebei Bo Star Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd. The screen is used for a long time, and the damage description is the partial wear of the screen surface, the quality is excellent.
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